It is highly recommended that you first acquire knowledge of the Ganutell technique before attempting this CROCUS pattern.

Material needed:

0.4mm (26gauge) blue wire
0.25mm (30gauge) blue wire
Purple rayon floss<bf>3 yellow stamens
Green floral tape
Green floral wire

Step 1

First prepare some purple rayon floss coiled with 0.25mm blue wire by means of the hand spindle or wooden winder, in the usual way. With this prepared thread make up 5 purple petals each measuring about 3cm (1.05”) long. Start each petal with 10 rounds instead of the usual 3 rounds. In this way the petal will end up being longer and pointed.
You can vary number of start rounds and number of rows, to enlarge or decrease size of the petals.

(If you cannot find blue wire, try and use another colour close to purple)
Step 2

Taking 3 of the yellow stamens, attach these to about 5 inches of green floral wire or any size you wish the finished flower to be. This is done by bending the top part of the wire to form a hook-like shape and placing the stamens close to this hook and using the pliers, press the wire tightly to the stamens, catching them between this “hook” and using the 0.25mm wire secure them together. Do not cut the 0.25mm wire as now you need it to attach the5 purple petals to these stamens.
Step 3

Attach each petal, one by one to the stamens, slightly overlapping and around the stamens. These are secured with the 0.25mm wire, winding and securing each petal and making several knots.
Step 4

Here is how the flower should look after all the petals are secure.
With your thumb and forefinger curve each petal slightly inwards so that they all enclose the stamens.
Trim the petal wires to different sizes so that the wire thickness is evenly distributed. Do not trim the green floral wire but leave it as it is. This is eventually trimmed in the bouquet mount stage.
Step 5

Now you only have to cover the stem with green floral tape, and your Crocus flower is ready to be proudly displayed in any arrangement.

Well done!!!